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Hey! I started acting when I was five, when I played a role in a preschool play, where I am reminded(to this day) of how I stopped the entire show to call for line. I love my craft! I've always loved being an actor, but I've also loved sports. I've been running track since I was about 7 years old, I would lose most of my races in grade school and I didn't get much better until high school. I also played football, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and basketball growing up. I loved being fast, but also being able to thrill a crowd was something that always gave me goosebumps. The sense of competition and work ethic of constantly grinding and finding your routine that helps me as an actor. In addition to studying Psychology for four years at The City College of New York, I was captain of the track team for four years, where we won 8 Conference championships. In 2017 I received a gracious scholarship to study Acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, where I took their 8 week Summer Shakespeare School. After receiving a BA in Theatre and Psychology from CCNY in 2018, I went straight into graduate school-having been accepted into Brooklyn College's MFA Acting program, where I will graduate in May 2020.I also love movies, comedy, poetry and food!


Hamlet-To be, or not to be


An Evening at the Office- Showcase scene


Get Out Scene


Omari-Pipeline by Dominique Morisseau


Gruesome Playhouse Injuries


This is what that Rona do freestyle


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